Our Investment Philosophy

We mentor, and angel invest in early-stage start-ups in India that broadly fall around any of the following themes –

  • Start-ups based out of tier-2 non-metro urban locations – because we believe that talent is not limited by geography and that innovation can come from anywhere.

  • Early-stage pre-revenue – because it makes financial sense to get in early on a good thing. This also helps us to contribute significantly to the start-ups with our strength – go-to-market strategy and execution.

  • Youth – because over 45% of the Indian population is below the age of 25, we believe in investing in the future.

  • Enterprise – because the innovation that the enterprises are seeking will not be coming from the established players, it will be coming from start-ups working to solve real-world business problems with the latest technological solutions.

Accelerating from Concept-to-Cash!

Hypernet Global Accelerator Program has been launched with a mission to guide promising young entrepreneurs throughout the "Concept-to-Cash" startup life-cycle; right from idea validation, product-market fitment analysis, minimum viable product (MVP) build, go-to-market strategy formulation & execution, to securing the first proof-of-concepts (PoCs) / purchases orders (POs) and raising capital via Angel Investors / Venture Capitalist.

Our two-step process starts with our Free Online Mentoring Sessions, wherein the startups get to pitch their idea or problem to our mentor board who in turn help to guide and provide initial validation.

Based on the progress of our engagement via the free online mentoring sessions - we logically progress to our Hypernet Global Accelerator Program which covers :

  • Continuous Online Mentoring via the assignment of dedicated mentors in areas you will need help with - e.g. product engineering, go-to-market strategy, funding, legal, company formation, etc. We will also help chart your road-map and track progress through the milestones.

  • Once the product/service is near-ready, we will help formulate and execute the go-to-market strategy utilizing our significant network to position early PoCs and POs.

  • Access to Peer Network that motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough.

  • Personal Introductions to Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists at the right stages to help raise funds intelligently.

  • Personal Introductions to Customers, Channel Partners to expand revenue.


Please submit your details through the link on our home page so that we may proceed to evaluate your start-up.